Mentalization based treatment for borderline personality disorder: a pragmatic trial but with statistical uncertainty


Andrew Shepherd summarises a matched control study that explores the effectiveness of day hospital Mentalization-Based Treatment for patients with severe Borderline Personality Disorder.

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Meta-review presents the risks of all-cause and suicide mortality in mental disorders


This recent and well-conducted meta-review concludes that the impact on mortality and suicide of mental disorders is substantial, and probably poorly appreciated as a public health problem. Raphael Underwood’s blog summarises the data for all-cause and suicide mortality in mental disorders.

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Which psychological therapies work best for borderline personality disorder?


This systematic review of psychological therapies for borderline personality disorder (BPD), conducted in Spain, takes an interesting approach to reviewing the literature. Unfortunately, there appear to have been challenges in translating the systematic review from Spanish and the text can be difficult to follow at times. This is a real shame as it is an [read the full story...]

Borderline personality disorder improves with dialectical behaviour therapy and general psychiatric management


Talking treatments are a key component of the therapy offered to people with borderline personality disorder and there are now a number of studies that point to the importance of these interventions for this complex and hard to manage condition. A new randomised controlled trial conducted by a research team from the Centre for Addiction [read the full story...]

New Cochrane review points to best psychotherapies for borderline personality disorder


The NICE guideline on borderline personality disorder (BPD) tells us more about what not to use to treat the condition than it does really help to recommend proven therapies. The guideline recommends the following: “Do not use brief psychological interventions (of less than 3 months’ duration) specifically for borderline personality disorder or for the individual [read the full story...]

How can we help people with borderline personality disorder who are in crisis? New Cochrane review is inconclusive


Borderline personality disorder (BPD) affects our mood and our ability to interact with others. It’s one of the most common personality disorders, affecting around 2% of the population. People with BPD often have other mental health conditions such as substance misuse problems, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders or other personality disorders. Many people with [read the full story...]