SIGN publish new patient booklet for women who have depression or psychosis during pregnancy or after the birth of their baby


SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) are the main producer of clinical practice guidelines in Scotland. They have produced a wide range of guidelines relevant to mental health over the years including publications on perinatal mood disorders and the non-pharmaceutical management of depression.

They have also been widely praised for their excellent mobile apps, the first of which won a number of awards last year. They are now following up on this success by creating a series of patient apps covering autism (out now), asthma and diabetes (both out soon).

This new patient booklet is based on the existing guideline on the management of perinatal mood disorders. It is aimed at women who are:

  • Thinking about becoming pregnant and have concerns about the safety of taking medication for an existing mood disorder (such as depression and bipolar disorder (manic depression);
  • Think they are at risk of antenatal depression, postnatal depression or postpartum psychosis; 
  • Think they may be experiencing a mood disorder during pregnancy, or in the first year after the birth of a baby or;
  • Have already been diagnosed with a mood disorder and are considering options for treatment.

The booklet covers risk factors, diagnosis, treatment and self-management.


Mood disorders during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby: a booklet for women and their families (PDF). SIGN, April 2012.

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André Tomlin

André Tomlin
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